iGO8 Dimka – Tomsoft (eng)


Dimka 1.1.39 – TomSoft HD (c) for 800×480 and 480×800 (240×400 a 400×240)

Dimka 1.1.39 – TomSoft (c) for 240×320 and 320×240 + VGA (480×640 a 640×480)

Dimka 1.1.39 – TomSoft 272 (c) for 480×272

Dimka 1.1.39 – TomSoft 234 (c) for 480×234

update 4.10. 2010

Current version 1.1.39 (c)

The existing functions and appearance of the author Dimka was gradually added and modified:

+ Larger Font data for navigation
+ Green – yellow arrows for maneuvers
+ Digital tachometers with SpeedLimit, including radar and night mode
Digital + hours, including night mode (in both resolutions)
+ Back red-green arrows on the lanes (in both resolutions)
+ Comeback of functional option to view or not background under pointers with maneuvers.
+ Option on / off status indication including „Auto. Recalculation of route“ + Longclick
+ Option on / off indication of the state, including „alert on radar“ + Longclick
+ Added ability to remove other transit point to one LongClick (LongClick maneuvers on the arrow to be removed first added transit point)
+ Added ability to optionally show the icon for radar and automatic conversion
+ Added ability to optionally display a classic compass needle
+ In the menu „Search“ added the option to navigate directly to 1 and 2 Favorite targets
+ Added ability to navigate to the objective, the passage or continue Favorites and History
+ Added ability to separately adjustable tilt the map in the direction signs
+ Adjustment of function „radars“
+ Fast menu navigation and route planning
+ Added the option in one of the variable data fields display the route
+ Added color arrows in the information board
+ Added information about the position in the GPS clock
+ Patch to draw arrows on the directional signs
+ Added calculating fuel consumption
+ Option to set the icon for the computing fuel consumption
+ Exchange image for the button „phone“ in the cockpit
+ Add a VGA and WVGA image for speed alert
+ Radical change in appearance (the cockpit) for the HD version (400×240 only)
+ Add a new option in settings „TomSoft“ for OFF / ON additional information about TMC (any resolution) (thanks Lakva)
+ Added ability to change the transparency by user based all his data sheet (400×240 only)
+ Add additional positions in the cockpit bottom bar, where you can start to plan a route (400×240 only)
+ Added and updated manual for Dimka skin TomSoft
+ Digital fonts
+ Integrated screen saver by WertVRV
+ Adding a 2D preview before the next turn (default off)
+ Adding the possibility of the route at the start iGO (default off)
+ Adding MapChanger
Compatibility with version
+ Adding Country Info
Beautiful images for enhanced camera warning (only in versions 8.3.4.xxxx) – (by Harweyko)
+ Adding Time To Next Manuver + short click = Say Next Command


Více ke změnám vzhledu nakonci této stránky nebo ZDE 

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WVGA version (480×800 a 800×480)

Installation is the same as usual, copy the downloaded ZIP file to a folder on the SD card
IGO8CONTENT SKIN, but only minor modifications described here.
Since writing the entire skin from scratch is really unnecessary, and so I used a little ruse.
If you look in to the ZIP file skin, not the folder 800_480 is there. There are only 240_400 and 400_240,
but then there is also an ingredient VGA, where are all the necessary images for 800×480 and 480×800.
And if you run the skin on the HD device, automatically loads the VGA graphics directories.
Automatically it will not, we will have to slightly modify SYS.TXT.
It’s necessary to respect some rules.


I attach SYS.TXT.
I leave that equipment is normally runing as the portrait and after IGO start will be rotated to landscape by the sys.txt. I have try a several times and I had to prepare a SYS.TXT with preset parameters. Do not change!
Parameters are of particular importance:
Any orientation, optional in the IGO – applies only to the HD version of the skin
[interface] vga=1[rawdisplay] highres=1
driver=“GDI“If you type eg highres = 0, it will try to IGO run graphics directly from folders 800×480. Skin is made so that section is in the 240×400 graphics components and the rest is needed in the VGA, which has already started in full VGA for HD. SYS.TXT – universal download below.QVGA and VGA version (240×320, 320×240 + VGA 480×640 and 640×480) 
Installation is the same as usual, copy the downloaded ZIP file to a folder on the SD card
IGO8 CONTENT SKIN, but only minor modifications described here.480×272 QVGA version (480×272) 
Installation is the same as usual, copy the downloaded ZIP file to a folder on the SD card
IGO8 CONTENT SKIN, but only minor modifications described here.Digi Fonts (common to all the resolution) 
Extract the downloaded file into the folder IGO8
After unpacking must be in the IGO8 folder on the SD card Font. Then just select digital fonts directly in the skinMap Changer is used to change MAP folder (you need to restart, but everything will take care of skin)
The downloaded file „map_changer_tom.zip“ is to expand the iGO8 folder on the SD card.
To ensure the path to the file .. „iGO8MapChangerMapChanger.exe“Example …
In the directory „MAP“ I saved the maps from TA
In the directory „MAP_NQ“ I kept the same map, but from the NQ
Function Map Changer them switch and I need not manually move or otherwise change.
It is possible to switch between the four manufacturers, or MAP between the four sets of different countries
In SYS.TXT add…

[switchmap] changer=“Storage CardiGO8MapChangerMapChanger.exe“
1=“,map_ta,Storage CardiGO8,Storage CardiGO8,“
2=“,map_nt,Storage CardiGO8,Storage CardiGO8,“
3=“,map_ot,Storage CardiGO8,Storage CardiGO8,“
4=“,map_us,Storage CardiGO8,Storage CardiGO8,“


Bold line is of course possible (necessary) adjusted by the name of your SD card or the name of the folder iGO8 on your SD card.


Create folders in IGO8

iGO8MapChanger = for this files (MapChanger.exe, MapChanger.nfrun)

and next folders for maps files

iGO8contentmap = TelaAtlas
iGO8contentmap_nt = NavTeq
iGO8contentmap_ot = Other
iGO8contentmap_us = Users

Each folders (map, map_nt, map_ot, map_us) MUST contain at least one map (one. FBL file)



Since version Dimka – TomSoft can be used on versions of iGO8 v.8.3.4.xxx
If you own version 8.3.2.xxx can Dimka skin – TomSoft on this version to use.
It is necessary only in the ZIP file to rename the skin folder „ui_igo8_da“ to „ui_igo8“


Since Dimka – TomSoft 1.1.18 should be used also DigiFont. Even if the user does not use digital fonts must have the FONT folder in the IGO8. The IGO is set then the possibility of an optional digital fonts

Since Dimka – TomSoft 1.1.24(a) should be used also Map Chager.
In skin Dimka – TomSoft works MapChnger follows:

Since Dimka – TomSoft 1.1.34(a) should be used also Truck Profilles
To activate the function of TIR profiles can be used „truck_profiles.ini. 
The downloaded file and extract to folder „DEFAULT“, which is located in the folder iGO8 to SD card „IGO8DEFAULT Truck_profiles.ini

Dimka 1.1.39 (c) – TomSoft HD (800×480 and 480×800) + (240×400 and 400×240)

Dimka 1.1.39 (c) – TomSoft (240×320 and 320×240 + VGA 480×640 and 640×480)

Dimka 1.1.39 (c) – TomSoft 272 (480×272)

Dimka 1.1.39 (c) – TomSoft 234 (480×234)

Digi fonts Dimka

Map Changer


Need help with iGO8 on HTC Touch HD?

Here are additional information not only on the skin, but setting iGO8 in HTC devices with a resolution of 800×480 (480×800)


Set function of fuel consumption

First, the key must be set in ShortMenu (the number of buttons that shows click on the arrow bottom right). Long click on the arrow will cause us more quickly offer settings where selects to be where at what the key functions. Where we have a power button, select it. Then just scroll the map by clicking on the icon appears ShortMenu consumption.
! New! 
Option to set the icon for computing power directly to the navigation screen.

New skin appearance Dimka HD

Somewhat radically, I changed the look of HD version Dimka skin – Tomsoft. Changes are only ro VERZIO 400×240. 🙂
What worries me is the look and color bars + color fonts and the data on the roll ….
This is only the appearance and location of each component on the screen. Through the course of time, which were different buttons, arrows, etc. .. and already there is a total Narvan. jse therefore proceeded to radical changes.
So far, only 400×240 resolution (HD). All other distinction about the height will not be adjusted in a similar vein to the simple reason – there is space on the width.
I do not know if the changes that I have now for the last two days will do to something or whether to blow me:) – but also to take



Here in the picture are Happy to see significant changes to the navigation screen.
1. Change the location of all data on the route and roll.
2. Repeal of the buttons: Quickly, GPS, which are, of course, replaced by others, so they are available again to other component.
(Tl. quickly on a short click on the battery indicator + GPS, long handles are used for GPS)
3. Repeal of the activation of the recording path. The function is not abolished, but the OFF / ON is located in the fast menu, the status of the recording itself is secured in the upper right corner – there is a black or red dot.
4. Adaptation and transfer of any data, so which appear at the bottom of the bar with the street, such as arrows on the lanes, scale, radar, speedometer, the arrow for Shortmenu …
The main change is the arrangement seen in the picture data fields.
In setting the skin remained all the same, but part of setting data fields I msuel override, because there was always a „data box upper and lower, which is no longer applicable.
On dispeji can display up to 6 +2 data, it is the same on each and what you can where, perhaps only the exception of data that I put into the right corner. The picture there is just an indicator of the route, but the team can be anything what would fit there, in fact everything except the data on the roll:
The distance to objects in km / m
Time to destination
Finish at (time)
these three figures from left to right are somehow fated for the three basic data. I presume that no one can top the right time of arrival and distance to targets on the left down … it would probably be
However, even these data can also be changed.
The first three figures for the lucky switch n azobrazení same data for the transit point (function is the same). Click on the location for the other two bottom right data switches next two figures that are set. Therefore, 6 +2.
At the same time, I also improved a bit and other bits.
I wished I had someone to look, comment, or you can compile – and adjust other things. All the HD resolution in width, yet.
This is mainly on the color of the data.
I sjem added a dark bar, which I put these data, but the color will eventually appear, including color bar alone, I do not know …
I am the dark, not very transparent and the distinctness and clarity, color information …
So what do you say?